Dis-ease Lifestyle Thoughts

Creating a Healthy Mindset

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We frequently hear people identify themselves saying, “I’m diabetic," or "I have Lyme’s disease.” When we express these words, we are affirming these ills as part of ourselves and we are accepting them as part of our identity. The truth, however, is that the dis-ease you are experiencing is not who you are.

The first step in healing is to release what is not true. Instead, claim that you are a whole, healthy spiritual being experiencing a physical life. You are not this body. You are using this body as a tool to gain understanding, experience, and to know yourself as a creator.

What is dis-ease? According to Websters, dis-ease means that we are separated from the comfort of body or mind. I would add that we are separated from the comfort of the spirit, mind or body. By shifting our perspective to the truth: that we are a spirit having a physical experience, we begin to release thoughts that are causing the separation; and we can more readily restore the flow between our spirit, mind and body.

The deception perpetuated by the pharmaceutical Industry. They bombard us with television ads that tell us they can “manage our disease.” They don’t believe there is any possibility for healing, so their course of action is to accept the disease and give us drugs to control and manage it. It also ensures we will be on their medication for the rest of our lives.

Turn off unwanted influences. These kinds of thoughts undermine your confidence to cause change. This is also true if there are people in your life who are afraid, and purposely or inadvertently scare you with their fears. If you decide to heal naturally, tell them you want their support. Surround yourself with people who support your healing in whatever way you decide is best for you.

Rising above Dis-ease. When you fight dis-ease, you create an opposition in your mind and body. It is exhausting to fight and drains your Will - because it is a negative image. It is impossible to achieve not dying, but you can choose to live and that causes motion and movement in your body and in your life. It is important to choose who you are and how you want to live. Welcome your spirit to be part of your life. Live out of love for yourself first. This is the idea of Sacred Selfish Service: by serving your highest Self and your own highest good, you have more of yourself to give to others.

Make the commitment to live from the inside out. Make choices that are good for the whole self; choices that are not made to please other people or your own ego. Declare this and make it part of your healing affirmation. Make choices that cause life. When we make choices that are truly good for us, there is an inner joy that comes forth. Good choices align us with good health and streamlined energies which make it easier to free ourselves from dis-ease. When we allow ourselves to eat foods we know are not good for us: when we indulge in drugs, marijuana, alcohol or caffeine; when we give ourselves permission to indulge our anger, “poor me” attitude, helplessness, or depression; we are choosing against our own best interests. When we choose what is good for us we walk the path of healing and happiness.

Meditation is the best way to build this commitment. Sit for a few minutes each morning and ask to hear your own high Self. Make time to set aside the cares of the day and conscious thoughts. Still your mind and listen deeply. You will learn to make space for the deeper thoughts inside you to become part of your life. Make them the most important thoughts to listen to. They will guide you in healing.

Identify why you are here. Each person has a unique mission and purpose. Our Purpose is what we are here to learn and add to our own awareness; our Mission is what we came here to share and teach others. Meditate, pray and listen to what your unique mission and purpose are. They will help you identify with your passion for living and increase the energies and vitality available to you.

Healing Anger. Have you ever noticed that when you are angry, you express it and for a moment it feels better, but hours later the anger begins to rebuild and the frustration starts all over? Anger is an incomplete thought. It is an energy that can never express productively because there is a lack of reasoning behind it. Anger can never be relieved, because the thought behind it is not whole.

Let’s say I ask my husband to take the garbage out in the morning and he doesn’t. When I come home, the garbage is still overflowing the basket in our kitchen. The garbage is unsightly and it smells. We are having company in 20 minutes and I feel pushed for time. I could justify my anger by thinking, "it’s his fault for leaving it there and ignoring me."

However, the truth is that if I decide to get angry under any circumstance, it is because I want to. I choose to give myself permission to be angry. I want to be angry, I’ve told myself a lie – that it’s his fault and he deserves my anger.

I am allowing myself to be controlled by the choices of others, and I am giving myself permission to be uncontrolled at the same time.

Look in the mirror: When you want to become angry, stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Muscles tighten, particularly in the jaw, as we prepare for a fight. It stops the production of saliva in the mouth and the stomach clenches. The neck and spine muscles lock down. The brow furrows, the eyes dart and the inner light leaves the eyes. The lips grimace, and deep lines of discontent appear. Worse, the energy is blocked in all of these areas of the body.

You may think you are releasing something onto someone else; but the truth is you are hurting yourself.

And what about our fears? fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of the loss of love, fear of being rejected, the fear of our own greatness. Whatever the fear, it is a negative image and it blocks us from who we really are. Take a deep breath and sit quietly. Identify your fears and then create a desire that is stronger than your fear. Turn failure into determination. Turn loss into going after your greatest dream. Let go of being rejected and accept your own greatness.

What can we control?  There are things beyond our control. We cannot make choices for another adult. We cannot make someone love us. We cannot control the bad choices of another.

The greater truth is that we can always choose for ourselves. We all have free Will, which is the right and responsibility to make choices that bring happiness and health.

What thoughts do you choose in your life? Listen to the words you speak. "I don’t, I can’t stand, that really makes me angry, I hate … you made me do this…" None of these are truths; they are choices we make. When you affirm these negative choices by speaking them over and over, you empower them into your life and limit your Free Will.

So, how can I handle the garbage in my life? The truth is that it’s just garbage and my husband or I can move it out of the kitchen at any moment and solve the problem. I can talk to my husband in a way that helps us communicate. I can stay happy and make it simple, or I can create drama, tension and pain in my body by becoming angry.

To fully release anger and fear, choose honesty and truth in your life. Define your thoughts clearly. Speak to others in pictures that are building. Place your attention on thoughts that affirm all the things you want to build in yourself and family.

When life’s insecurities and fears are staring you down, laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is a wonderful tool for changing our perspective. It lightens our burdens and elevates our thoughts. From the vantage point of laughter, we can see the good in life and the absurdity of our fears. We can identify Napasha and move with it more easily.

Health is one simple choice followed by another...